Heartbeat – BPM – Issue

You need to give permission to the sensors to display vital signs data.

ISSUE 1: Heart Rate Complication Added Manually by Users Through Customization.

• If the Heart Rate complication is not displaying Heart Rate values and instead shows something like “Heart…” these issues are not caused by RECREATIVE Watch Faces.

• These issues are generated by Samsung Health – the complications of Samsung watches display values incorrectly.

To resolve this, you need to install an application that will display your heart rate values. App Suggestions

ISSUE 2: Default Heart Rate Complication – Complication that is already implemented on the watch.

• Make sure that you have granted permission for sensor usage during the installation of the watch face.

• If it doesn’t show up when you press the icon, switch to a different watch face and return to RECREATIVE-WATCH to enable sensor access by tapping on Heart Rate Icon and allow it to acces sensors data about your vital signs.

• To view your current heart rate data you’ll need to take a manual measurement. To do this, TAP on the heart rate display area. The watch face can automatically measure your heart rate every 10 minutes.

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