Installation Process – Video

➤ Here are the steps to follow to install & set the watch face on your watch screen

1. Tap on the “Install on Watch” button in the companion app.

2. The Google Play Store listing will open on your watch device. Tap on “Install”.

• Once the installation is complete and you see the “Uninstall” button you have to search it and set it as your current watch face.

3. Go to the home screen, which displays the current watch face.

• Press and hold the screen until you can select other watch faces.

4. Swipe left until you reach the “Add watch face” screen and tap on it.

• In this gallery, you will find all of your installed watch faces. Search for the RECREATIVE watch face that you have already installed.

• Once you find it, tap on the watch face and ALLOW the application to access sensors data about your vital signs.

ⓘ Do you have problems with the Heart Beat Sensors? Follow this tutorial  HeartBeat Sensors

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