Double Payment Issue

Google does not charge twice for the same purchase.

Why do I have to pay again?

This issue is not generated by our brand; it is a common problem that many users encounter.

The most common reasons for these errors are due to users purchasing apps with an email that is not associated with their watch.

  1. Use the email linked to your Wear OS watch.
  2. Confirm your purchase was made with that email.

STEP 1: Check The Transactions History

STEP 2: Check if the email is associated with your watch

If you paid with a different email by mistake, email us at [email protected] to transfer the purchase.

Follow the steps in our support videos for guidance.

STEPS 3-4: Switch Your Google Email & Check The Device Status

Final STEP: How to Fix (2x) Payment Issue

Important: Don’t Skip the Steps 1-4

– Check if your email is synced with you watch (Step2)
– Uninstall The Mobile App
– Clear the cache of the Google Play Store
– Search for the purchased watch in the transaction history.
– Install the watch face by clicking on the arrow to the right and select only your watch.

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